We Remembered

November 12th we remembered. Over 100 people in attendance at 8:00 AM, we remembered.

We remembered a Holocaust survivor, Tibor Stern  and we recognized a United States WWII veteran, Meryl Barnett.

It has been an eventful year. The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum had its 20th  Anniversary. I am not sure how I got this shot. I was at the very back of the room. It was an honor to see and hear Elle Weisel.

See more photos on the photo page.

Please check our exhibit page and photo page for more information.
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We Must Speak Up

We must teach! We must stand up! We must speak up! We must tell other humans that it is wrong to bully, torture, and kill innocent human beings.

All humans have something within us called ethnocentrism. We all believe we know the best way to live. We were all raised by people that taught us the rules of “our group.” Ethnocentrism is important to survival, but it can go terribly wrong and result in genocide. Often, humans kill other humans because of different beliefs, different looks, or that the “others” are in the way of progress.

We humans need to stop genocide and we can!

The Holocaust was a seminal event. It was not the only genocide that has happened, but it has the attention of the world. The sad reality is that humanity did not learn from the Holocaust, because as we all know, genocide continues today.

People often ask, “Why did the people of the WWII era not stop the slaughter of millions of Jews and other “undesirables” murdered by Hitler’s followers?

My answer is, “What are you doing to stop the genocide of the millions of humans being tortured and killed right now?”

The pages of this site have information that can help all of us to become better informed about the terrible condition of genocide, and hopefully, finally end genocide.

We can teach and we can change the world one human at a time.

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